Music Go Music’s Time-Travelling Video From Debut LP

Musi Go Music - Expressions - 10.06.09 (Secretely Canadian)

Music Go Music - Expressions

Halfway between their label mates Bodies of Water and 70’s disco icon ABBA, Music Go Music is starting to gain more and more attention, as they have announced their debut full-length release on Secretely Canadian, “Expressions“, due October 6. Don’t get too excited if you’re an early fan though, as it will merely be a collection of their 3 previous EPs, “Light of Love“, “Reach Out“, and “Warm In The Shadows“. If you’re not yet a fan of the promising L.A. band, here’s your opportunity to enjoy their psyched disco-pop, with the time-traveling video of Warm In The Shadows. You can also catch the catchy song for free from Secretely Canadian’s site.