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Zachary Cale – Douglas Dare – Thibault Rivrain – Spring 2014

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Sunny days are coming back, and Spring brings us a handful of sweet musical discoveries, with 3 artists to follow this month: first album and first French headlining show for Douglas Dare from the UK (Erased Tapes), first French tour for Zachary Cale from New York, and first supporting gig for Thibault Rivrain from Paris.

(This post was originally published in French for GoodMorninCaptn’s promotion & booking newsletter)

ZACHARY CALE: Spring 2014 European tour for the New York singer-songwriter

Entre folk des origines, rock teinté de blues et formats pop, Zachary Cale officie depuis près d’une décennie du côté d’un songwriting onirique et tranchant.

Le New-Yorkais originaire de Louisiane livre un quatrième album, Blue Rider, particulièrement salué par la presse indé. Le disque sorti en septembre 2013 sur le label All Hands Electric, co-fondé par Zachary Cale lui-même, et en Europe sur le label allemand Jellyfant, distille un folk rock minimaliste soutenu par une écriture puissante et singulière.

Après une tournée US avec Crystal Stilts à l’automne dernier, et avant de prestigieux festival anglais cet été (Green Man, End Of The Road), Zachary Cale prend la route ce printemps pour 35 dates européennes.

“fingerpicking envoûtant… brumeux et magnifique” – Pitchfork
“#1 des disques injustement ignorés en 2013″ – Popmatters
“des textures riches et des mélodies intimes, une magnifique collection de chansons regorgeant de détails passionnants” – American Songwriter
“Zachary Cale plonge au cœur du minimalisme. Une parenté flatteuse avec la production la plus douce de Kurt Vile, alliant une rythmique syncopée et pleine d’émotion à la voix chaude et intime de Cale” – Spin

May 10 – Liège // L’An Vert
May 12 – Nancy // OFF Kultur
May 13 – Grenoble // O’Brother Kfe
May 14 – Tarbes // Celtic Pub
May 15 – Montpellier // The Black Sheep
May 16 – Marseille // Casa Consolat
May 31 – Le Burgaud (31) // Le Café du Burgaud
June 1 – Lyon // Kraspek Myzik
June 6 – Paris // Oliver Peel session
June 7 – Paris // La Loge

Listen, watch, share:
“Wayward Son”, extract from “Blue Rider”:

“Riverbed”, extract from the “Kettle Pot Tracks On The Hill” session:

Zachary Cale — Riverbed (Kettle Pot Tracks On the Hill Session) from Michael Batchelor on Vimeo.

To know more:

Zachary Cale’s latest album Blue Rider is on Spotify, Deezer and Bandcamp, and available on vinyl from Jellyfant.

DOUGLAS DARE: first album of the English poet out May 13 on Erased Tapes and headlining gig in Paris on May 29

Erased Tapes, famous for successfully bridging pop and contemporary music (Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick…), is releasing the first full-length album by London singer-songwriter Douglas Dare. With the piano at the core of his debut album Whelm, Dare vocalises his short prose and poems to a backdrop of drums, electronics and brass… The album will be released including the poetry book Nine Poems on CD, LP and Download via Erased Tapes on May 12, 2014.

Douglas Dare, now on a European tour, will stop in Paris on May 29 at Espace B. Facebook event.

Listen, watch, share:
“Swim”, from the album Whelm:

“Lungful” music video directed by Dusan Kacan:

To know more:

THIBAULT RIVRAIN supporting Douglas Dare in Paris on May 29

The Paris-based singer-songwriter Thibault Rivrain will showcase his delicate and unique universe as a support act for Douglas Dare on May 29 at Espace B. Between whispers and wailings, his songs on life, death, bodies, madness will reflect a tormented soul.

“With his pop specters, Thibault Rivrain reaches the sublime, disconcerts, magnifies and surprises in every title.” – Benjamin Dierstein, Discordance.
“[With] its enthralling, unreal singing, hypnotic melodies […], its false simplicity, fragility, and delicacy, […] Snow Gold simply is one the best promises we’ve been made in a long time. […] An underground masterstroke.” – Cédric Chort, Froggy’s Delight.

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Will Stratton & Paleo’s Paris home gig

Sorry we are not posting much here lately (we regularly post news, songs and videos on our Facebook page though). We have a worthy announcement today if you haven’t heard already. WILL STRATTON and PALEO are both visiting France for the first time this May for one week as part of their extensive European tour, and we are graced to welcome them for a home gig in Paris on Monday, May 7, 2012, at 7:30pm.

Will Stratton & Paleo passent au salon, 7 May 2012

WILL STRATTON (Brooklyn, Talitres)

Freshly signed on the great Bordeaux label Talitres, Will Stratton is a young and insired singer-songwriter and talented guitarist who skillfully masters fingerpicking and silky arrangements. We’d been following Will’s work since he released his first record in 2007, and his third one New Vanguard Blues counted among our favorite of 2010. We are thrilled that Will has finally flown over from Brooklyn to mesmerize new audiences in Old Europe with his first album to be physically distributed here, namely his 4th LP Post Empire, a distinctly delicate and enchanting record.

PALEO (Chicago, Partisan Records)

Paleo is David Strackany’s alter ego, a folk troubadour from Illinois, who released 2 albums on Partisan Records and wrote hundreds of deeply personal and unvarnished songs, whom he tirelessly lugs around on the edge and on the road, all over America, and beyond.

Holly Would“, by PALEO, from his 2011 LP “Fruit of The Spirit“.

Visit the event page on Facebook for “Will Stratton & Paleo passent au salon le 7 mai
Visit the event page on for “Will Stratton & Paleo passent au salon le 7 mai

The whole European tour:

06.04.2012 – Åalborg, DK @ 1000fryd
07.04.2012 – Copenhagen, DK @ Børneteatret
11.04.2012 – Hamburg, D @ Honigfabrik
12.04.2012 – Groningen, NL @ Antillenstraat 9a
13.04.2012 – Rotterdam, NL @ Raaf
17.04.2012 – Amsterdam, NL @ Die Nieuwe Anita
19.04.2012 – Antwerp, BE @ Kavka
21.04.2012 – Gent, BE @ B-Tuned3
23.04.2012 – London, UK @ The Slaughtered Lamb
26.04.2012 – Coventry, UK @ Taylor John’s House
29.04.2012 – Wakefield, UK @ The Hop
30.04.2012 – Glasgow, UK @ Pivo Pivo
01.05.2012 – Dublin, IRL @ The Grand Social
02.05.2012 – Limerick, IRL @ Bourkes Bar
03.05.2012 – Galway, IRL @ Roisin Dubh
05.05.2012 – Amiens, FR @ Bar Du Midi (Folk You Sessions #1)
06.05.2012 – Lille, FR @ Atome Session
07.05.2012 – Paris, FR @ salon
08.05.2012 – Paris, FR – showcase (13h) @ La Fabrique des Balades Sonores
08.05.2012 – Paris, FR @ Le Motel
09.05.2012 – Niort, FR @ Librairie des Halles
10.05.2012 – Barcelona, ESP @ Miscelanea
11.05.2012 – Toulouse, FR @ L’Arrêt Ô Port
12.05.2012 – Bordeaux, FR @ El Chicho
13.05.2012 – Lyon, FR @ Kraspek Myzik
15.05.2012 – Zürich, CH @ Bar Rossi
17.05.2012 – Vienna, AUT @ Fluc
21.05.2012 – Prague, CZ @ K4
22.05.2012 – Prague, CZ @ Belushi’s
23.05.2012 – Dresden, D @ Kunsthof Grohlis
24.05.2012 – Leipzig, D @ Café Schwarz
25.05.2012 – Erfurt, D @ Franz Mehlhose
26.05.2012 – Frankfurt/M., D @ IVI w/ Electric Electric, VUK, Extra Life
27.05.2012 – Giessen, D @ Hausshow
29.05.2012 – Darmstadt, D @ Schlosskeller
30.05.2012 – Stuttgart, D @ Galao
31.05.2012 – Augsburg, D @ Hempels
01.06.2012 – Berlin, D @ Zur Glühlampe

Thanks to Carsten from Choucroute Vanille, Laurent from Planet Claire, Toma from Balades Sonores, and Sean from Talitres.

Puzzle Muteson, Rach Three & Thomas Mery’s Paris home gig

PUZZLE MUTESON, RACH THREE & THOMAS MERY will be visiting us for a home gig in Paris, on Saturday, May 21, at 7:30pm. We are very excited and honored to welcome those 3 outstanding singers-songwriters, all of whom are releasing records this Spring which you should definitely look out for. Please send us an e-mail to be added to the guest list if you would like to join: salon(AT)

Puzzle Muteson, Rach Three, Thomas Mery passent au salon le 21 mai 2011

PUZZLE MUTESON (UK, Bedroom Community)

Newly signed to Iceland’s Bedroom Community, Puzzle Muteson is an enigmatic songwriter from the Isle of Wight, rendering his music in a tremulous tenor over a finely spun web of fingerpicked guitar. After obsessively listening to his raw tapes, Valgeir Sigurðsson and Nico Muhly nurtured the songs that now inhabit his debut recording, titled En Garde. The album will be released on June 6 in Europe, and June 7 worldwide.


Rach Three is a folk/ambient project from Paris with a raw and delicate rib. Depending on the time and weather, Rach Three’s guitar and voice intertwine with an occasional clarinet, trumpet, singing saw, drums and piano. His first record “3 songs for Claire +2” has just been released last month.

THOMAS MERY (FR, Own Records)

On “Les couleurs, les ombres“, his second solo album out May 31st on Own records, Thomas Mery keeps exploring the paths of his latest EP, again with a little help from his former Purr mates (Jérôme Lorichon, now in The Berg Sans Nipple, and Stéphane Bouvier, now touring with Yann Tiersen and Nestor Is Bianca). Now mainly singing in his native French, Thomas deconstructs the codes of folk music and chanson, filters everyday-life impulses through the more volatile matter of dreams, creating songs that allow the daring listener to penetrate an intimate and singular world, where Nick Drake and Dominique A meet Tarkovski and Antonioni.

Visit the event page on Facebook for “Puzzle Muteson, Rach Three & Thomas Mery passent au salon le 21 mai
Visit the event page on for “Puzzle Muteson, Rach Three & Thomas Mery passent au salon le 21 mai

GoodMorninCaptn parlour gig: Thomas Mery passe au salon



Paris, Sunday March 14 – A quiet cul-de-sac on the south side of Montmartre staged the first GoodMorninCaptn parlour session, simply entitled « Au Salon ». Behind the blurred window glass of a reconverted boutique, furniture was moved and a buffet table set. The happy few guests were welcomed into the cozy apartment with their contributions of cakes and drinks, and soon ushered onto sofas and cushions for the first set.

Mr Mery and his faithful Guild guitar quietly seated on a white wooden chair, set against a bare background of beige and off-white. But within a few guitar chords, his palette filled the room, and with his first words, the audience was mesmerized.

Starting with songs from his 2006 solo debut, A Ship, Like A Ghost, Like A Cell, he let the sense of intimacy underlying his work fully bloom into the ears of the selected group. Yet he interpreted tracks such as “Real Shift” or “The Red of The Shoes” with unsettling propriety, uncomfortably twisting his legs and modestly bending over his guitar.

Newer tracks from his EP Des Larmes Mélangées De Poussière included “Aux Fenêtres Immenses”, in which Thomas allows himself more freedom than ever, trying out more melodious lines, shifting languages and directions through more than 11 epic, magnificent minutes.

Thomas Mery Passe Au Salon – “Aux Fenêtres Immenses”


The three tracks on the EP, fully illustrate his progress in the past few years. Technically to begin with. Thomas is turning to French again on two of them and handles his mother tongue with impressionist skills that are quite unique on the scene. Evocative and mysterious, literate yet unpretentious, his lyrics still vehicle the same melancholy, the same sadness. Nevertheless, the almost stifling emergency that sometimes characterized his past work is slowly giving way to maturity. Where you could hear “live and ache” you may now understand “live and learn”. His guitar playing seems to have followed quite the same direction. Still deeply rooted into folk, and yet of unquestionable modernity. Patiently destructured and reconstructed, his guitar lines fade and morph unpredictably and seamlessly. Instrumental storytelling. Patterns overlay like veils, and echo each other like the surfaces of some imaginary landscape. Shades of nude with sparks of ice-blue fading into the deep greens of the undergrowth contrasted with the red of blood.

Two yet untitled tracks following the same path should be released later this year. Fully written in French, they convey the same cinematic elegance, the same know-how in song-writing. The same but different: the richness of nuances, the colors, the sceneries. Different. Need we say we are looking forward to the next full length?

Thomas Mery Passe Au Salon – De l’amour, de la colère

While many singers feel the need to go lower down the scale as they advance in their career, Thomas is finding more comfort for his voice in pushing his guitar capo to the higher frets.  His brilliant interpretation of Costello’s “Shipbuilding” best demonstrated his mastery of the heights. His vocals fluently curved around the living room and entangled with his traditional folk arrangements. Other covers included his disarming rendering of Paulinho Da Viola’s, fetured on Des Larmes Mélangées De Poussières, and his now classic “Running Up That Hill”, which retains all the tension and high energy of Miss Kate Bush’s original, while remarkably stripping it down to minimalism.

As the concert ended, records were frantically purchased, and wine, beer, and vegan canapés (and cigarettes) were cheerfully shared. The opportunity for initiates and newcomers alike to approach his work from another angle, and discover that the shy, talented – and often sad – man on stage is also a kind and funny man on the sofa. Quite expectedly, Miao Miao the house cat stole Mr Mery’s thunder for the rest of the evening. The story does not say if she was hired to play for the next parlour gig, and if she would be able to hypnotize her audience for more than an hour like Thomas did, so… stay tuned.

Read more about Thomas Mery.

Purchase Des Larmes Mélangées De Poussière here.

Read our 2005 interview here.

Thomas Mery’s September Shows

Finally some news from our dear singer-songwriter Thomas Mery, as he played his first gig in a long time, last week in Lille, and has 2 more in Paris this month.

Catch him this Sunday for a short set among many acoustic performances at Boutiques Sonores and Monster K7’s party, or on Wednesday, September 30 with Blackthread and Thos Henley at la Cantine de Belleville. A nice opportunity to hear some of Thomas’ new songs, as a foretaste of his upcoming album, expected for -hopefully- 2010.

Biggest BS Acoustic International Party, L'International, Sept. 20

Blackthread - Thomas Mery - Thos Henley

Read Thomas Mery’s interview on

Women first at Point Ephémère this week

My Brightest Diamond – Dragonfly

Shara Worden, whom we’ve heard alongside Sufjan Stevens, before she took her own solo path under the moniker of My Brightest Diamond, feels like a dragonfly and dreams of flying away. Mabe you could help her by attending her Point Ephémère gig in Paris tomorrow, to listen to her crystal-clear yet powerful voice, coupled with nice songwriting skills and a highly endearing personality.

We’re already quite excited about the announcement of A Thousand Shark’s Teeth, her 2nd album to be published on June 17 by Asthmatic Kitty, and for which Shara cites influences from Tricky, Tom Waits and Maurice Ravel, as well as Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s movies and Alice In Wonderland.

Tujiko Noriko – 普通の日 (Dead Earth)

No wonder we are starting to see Tujiko Noriko more and more frequently booked at some of the best Parisian venues, as the Japanese-born singer and composer chose to live in our land of magical baguettes, as one can guess from the TV samples heard in her “Dead Earth“.

For us awaken Earthlings, the fairy Noriko-san will showcase her nursery rhymes, between well-written melodies and sharp experiments, Wednesday April 23rd at the  Point Ephémère, as part of the feminine festival Les Femmes s’en mêlent.

Efterklang’s Parisian Parade

Anna, Niklas, and Casper of Efterklang on April 7, 2008

Anna, Niklas, and Casper of Efterklang in Paris, Apr. 7, 2008.

After a magical show at the Divan du Monde where they presented their 2nd album Parades, Danish elves of Efterklang were back in Paris on April 7. Their unique sounds enlightened the dull concrete of the Point Ephémère.
On stage just like on their records, strings, brass, percussions and electronics delightfully mix with the heartful choirs and communicative enthusiasm of the 7 members.

As a sweet starter, Anna Brønsted, also a full Efterklang live member, sung a few titles alone at the piano, from her own enchanting project Our Broken Garden, whose first EP comes out on April 28 on Rumraket, Efterklang-run label, and internationally on Bella Union.

Efterklang – Prey and Predator (2004)