TaughtMe – “Am I Old?”

TaughtMe’s new album, “Am I Old?”, has been carefully crafted for 5 years by Blake Henderson, a San Francisco-based singer-songwriter and producer, and turns out as his most introspective to date.

TaughtMe had already released 3 full-length albums over the past decade, as well as a split EP with Uzi & Ari. His work is characterized by a raw human-ness and dramatic urgency. Henderson is also a producer, working out of his studio in the Bay area, California.

The new album “Am I Old?” is TaughtMe’s first since 2008’s “Lady” on Own Records, which received laudatory comparisons to Talk Talk, David Sylvian, Will Oldham, Björk, or Sigur Rós in Les Inrockuptibles, Trebleine, Textura, Neon Vegan, Autres Directions“Am I Old?” is self-released and available on all digital platforms (Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer…) since August 31.

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Stream the whole album on Bandcamp:

“I didn’t intend to build a collection of brooding monologues. I had even planned to avoid first-person pronouns altogether, imagining instead sonorous landscapes that flirt mindlessly beyond the ego. So I was quite troubled when “Am I Old?” and “The Kids” arrived: clearly human, undeniably egocentric. But they felt right! Gradually, as other tunes surfaced, I accepted that I was composing soliloquies and chose to own the fact rather than temper it. I then named the collection “Am I Old?” and decided to decorate the album with a single person toppling over. “Am I Old?” is my rawest album and my best try so far to get real deep.” – Blake Henderson

We hope you’ll enjoy the inner voyage!

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A couple highlights from the album:

Into The Thicket by TaughtMe

The Truth (Really?) Every Time by TaughtMe


TaughtMe – “Well Maybe“ music video http://youtu.be/bmgln-Rm9h0 or http://vimeo.com/72627073

TaughtMe – “Really That Cute“ live at the record release party on a mountain over the Pacific Ocean http://youtu.be/8LU1iowOAJk

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