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Back To School – Summer 2017

Back To School, our new playlist and digital collage featuring new releases from this past Summer.

Back to School 2017 - digital collage and GIF by GoodMorninCaptn

Back to School 2017 - digital collage and GIF by GoodMorninCaptn


  1. Will Stratton (NY, US) — “Some Ride” from ‘Rosewood Almanac‘ out on Bella Union.
  2. sóley (IS) — “Never Cry Moon” from Endless Summer’ out on Morr Music.
  3. Seabuckthorn (UK) — “Near Translucent” from ‘Turns’ out on Lost Tribe Sound.
  4. Raoul Vignal (Lyon, FR) — “Hazy Days” from ‘The Silver Veil’ out on Talitres.
  5. Juana Molina (AR) — “Cosoco” from ‘Halo’ out on Crammed Discs.
  6. Do Make Say Think (official) (Toronto, CA) — “Bound And Boundless” from ‘Stubborn Persistent Illusions’ out on Constellation Records.
  7. Noga Erez (ISR) — “Dance While You Shoot” from ‘Off the Radar’ out on City Slang.
  8. Orval Carlos Sibelius (FR) — “Cœur de verre” from ‘Ordre et progrès’ out on Born Bad Records.
  9. Jason Loewenstein (of Sebadoh, US) — “Superstitious” from ‘Spooky Action’ out on Joyful Noise Recordings.
  10. Palm (Philadelphia, PA, US) — “Walkie Talkie” from ‘Shadow Expert’ EP out on Carpark Records.
  11. Tom Adams (Berlin, DE) — “Sparks” from ‘Silence’ out on Kowloon Records.
  12. Arca (VZ/UK) — “Anoche” from ‘Arca’ out on XL Recordings.
  13. Jessica Moss (of A Silver Mt Zion, Montreal, CA) — “Glaciers I (Pt I)” from ‘Pools Of Light’ out on Constellation Records.
  14. Tiny Vipers (Seattle, WA, US) — “K.I.S.S.” from ‘Laughter’ out on Grapefruit Records / Ba Da Bing! Records.
  15. Orson Hentschel (Düsseldorf, DE) — “Paradise Future” from ‘Electric Slutter’ out on Denovali.
  16. Mutual Benefit (USA) — “Glow Worms” from ‘Just Another Diamond Day’ (Vashti Bunyan cover album) out on Turntable Kitchen’s Sounds Delicious vinyl subscription service.
  17. Yoke Lore (Brooklyn, NY, USA) — “Only You” from ‘Goodpain’ EP.
  18. H. Hawkline (Wales, UK) — “The Last Thing On Your Mind ” from I Romanticize’ out on Heavenly Recordings / [PIAS].

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Will Stratton cover album & NYC benefit show

Will StrattonAs you may know, American folk singer-songwriter Will Stratton is recovering from a battle against stage III cancer, which was diagnosed last September at just 25. As he willfully arranges the songs of his 5th album in the Seattle area, his friends of Beat Radio have put together a benefit album available since June 11 on Bandcamp. All proceeds go directly to Will to help him cover his medical bills, hoping he will soon be fit enough to hit American and European roads again.
If You Wait Long Enough: Songs Of Will Stratton” offers new interpretations of Will’s beautiful songs by various American artists (and one by French artist Thibault Rivrain), as well as a live version by Will himself of his own “For Franny Glass” (from his second album “No Wonder“).

Buy the compilation now at http://willstrattonbenefit.bandcamp.com

1. Matthew Carefully & the Memorial Concern – “Who Will” (No Wonder)
2. Wilder Maker – “The War is Over” (New Vanguard Blues)
3. Beat Radio – “You Divers” (Post-Empire)
4. Kid in the Attic – “Do You Remember the Morning” (New Vanguard Blues)
5. NY Lights – “If You Wait Long Enough” (Post-Empire)
6. Sam Moss & The Ineligible Bachelors – “The Relatively Fair” (Post-Empire)
7. Zachary Cale – “Bluebells” (New Vanguard Blues)
8. David Garland – “Vile Bodies” (Vile Bodies EP)
9. Alexandra Drewchin and Aaron Roche – “Post Empire” (Post-Empire)
10. Trevor Wilson – “Colt New Marine” (Post-Empire)
11. Jesse Rifkin – “Katydid” (What The Night Said)
12. Thibault Rivrain – “Honey Diamond” (Post-Empire)
13. Will Stratton – “For Franny Glass” (live on WNYC’s Spinning on Air) (No Wonder)

A benefit show also takes place in SPIN New York on August 23, with a few bands who have contributed to the album: Beat Radio, Kid In The Attic, Aaron Roche, Jesse Rifkin, Trevor Wilson, and a very special guest: Will Stratton! Check the Facebook event, and buy advance tickets. 100% of ticket sales go to help fund Will’s treatment.

Read a great feature on The Bluegrass Situation: Will Stratton vs. Cancer: How the Guitarist Won His Battle With Death, and Turned Toward Positivity.

If You Wailt Long Enough – Songs Of Will Stratton has been featured around the web on:

A Lécoute (FR)

All Around Sound (US)

Bolachas (PT)

Choir Croak Out Them Goodies (US)

Cover Lay Down (US)

Dans le Mur du Son (FR)

Das Klienicum (DE)

Dying For Bad Music (DE)

Et ça critique! (FR)

Folk Radio (UK)

Fractale Blog (FR)

Hi-Five For Lo-Fi (UK)

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Indie For Bunnies (IT)

Infectious (US)

Liability Webzine (FR)

Pinkushion (FR)

Pop News (FR)

Slowcoustic (CA)

The Monument (US)

Those Who Dig (US)

Various Small Flames (UK)

Wake The Deaf (UK)

Radio Airplay:

WEXT Exit 97.7 (NY, USA)

WNYC Spinning On Air (NY, USA) in the June 23 playlist.

WFMU’s Irene Trudel (NJ, USA) : “Who Will” covered by Matthew Carefully & the Memorial Concern in the June 10 playlist, and “Do You Remember The Morning?” covered by Kids In The Attic in the July 1st playlist.

WFMU’s Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison (NJ, USA) : “Bluebells” covered by Zachary Cale in the July 27 playlist, and “The Relatively Fair” covered by Sam Moss & The Ineligible Bachelors in the August 3rd playlist.

Aligre FM, Planet Claire (Paris, FR): “Vile Bodies” covered by David Garland and “Honey Diamond” covered by Thibault Rivrain in the June 26 playlist.

We strongly recommend you to dig into Will Stratton’s discography on Bandcamp. His 2012 album “Post-Empire” is available through Talitres for mainland Europe (CD/LP/digital), and digitally from Big Oil for Scandinavia and UK.


Will Stratton & Paleo’s Paris home gig

Sorry we are not posting much here lately (we regularly post news, songs and videos on our Facebook page though). We have a worthy announcement today if you haven’t heard already. WILL STRATTON and PALEO are both visiting France for the first time this May for one week as part of their extensive European tour, and we are graced to welcome them for a home gig in Paris on Monday, May 7, 2012, at 7:30pm.

Will Stratton & Paleo passent au salon, 7 May 2012

WILL STRATTON (Brooklyn, Talitres)

Freshly signed on the great Bordeaux label Talitres, Will Stratton is a young and insired singer-songwriter and talented guitarist who skillfully masters fingerpicking and silky arrangements. We’d been following Will’s work since he released his first record in 2007, and his third one New Vanguard Blues counted among our favorite of 2010. We are thrilled that Will has finally flown over from Brooklyn to mesmerize new audiences in Old Europe with his first album to be physically distributed here, namely his 4th LP Post Empire, a distinctly delicate and enchanting record.

PALEO (Chicago, Partisan Records)

Paleo is David Strackany’s alter ego, a folk troubadour from Illinois, who released 2 albums on Partisan Records and wrote hundreds of deeply personal and unvarnished songs, whom he tirelessly lugs around on the edge and on the road, all over America, and beyond.

Holly Would“, by PALEO, from his 2011 LP “Fruit of The Spirit“.

Visit the event page on Facebook for “Will Stratton & Paleo passent au salon le 7 mai
Visit the event page on Last.fm for “Will Stratton & Paleo passent au salon le 7 mai

The whole European tour:

06.04.2012 – Åalborg, DK @ 1000fryd
07.04.2012 – Copenhagen, DK @ Børneteatret
11.04.2012 – Hamburg, D @ Honigfabrik
12.04.2012 – Groningen, NL @ Antillenstraat 9a
13.04.2012 – Rotterdam, NL @ Raaf
17.04.2012 – Amsterdam, NL @ Die Nieuwe Anita
19.04.2012 – Antwerp, BE @ Kavka
21.04.2012 – Gent, BE @ B-Tuned3
23.04.2012 – London, UK @ The Slaughtered Lamb
26.04.2012 – Coventry, UK @ Taylor John’s House
29.04.2012 – Wakefield, UK @ The Hop
30.04.2012 – Glasgow, UK @ Pivo Pivo
01.05.2012 – Dublin, IRL @ The Grand Social
02.05.2012 – Limerick, IRL @ Bourkes Bar
03.05.2012 – Galway, IRL @ Roisin Dubh
05.05.2012 – Amiens, FR @ Bar Du Midi (Folk You Sessions #1)
06.05.2012 – Lille, FR @ Atome Session
07.05.2012 – Paris, FR @ salon
08.05.2012 – Paris, FR – showcase (13h) @ La Fabrique des Balades Sonores
08.05.2012 – Paris, FR @ Le Motel
09.05.2012 – Niort, FR @ Librairie des Halles
10.05.2012 – Barcelona, ESP @ Miscelanea
11.05.2012 – Toulouse, FR @ L’Arrêt Ô Port
12.05.2012 – Bordeaux, FR @ El Chicho
13.05.2012 – Lyon, FR @ Kraspek Myzik
15.05.2012 – Zürich, CH @ Bar Rossi
17.05.2012 – Vienna, AUT @ Fluc
21.05.2012 – Prague, CZ @ K4
22.05.2012 – Prague, CZ @ Belushi’s
23.05.2012 – Dresden, D @ Kunsthof Grohlis
24.05.2012 – Leipzig, D @ Café Schwarz
25.05.2012 – Erfurt, D @ Franz Mehlhose
26.05.2012 – Frankfurt/M., D @ IVI w/ Electric Electric, VUK, Extra Life
27.05.2012 – Giessen, D @ Hausshow
29.05.2012 – Darmstadt, D @ Schlosskeller
30.05.2012 – Stuttgart, D @ Galao
31.05.2012 – Augsburg, D @ Hempels
01.06.2012 – Berlin, D @ Zur Glühlampe

Thanks to Carsten from Choucroute Vanille, Laurent from Planet Claire, Toma from Balades Sonores, and Sean from Talitres.

Taxi Taxi! Swedish Duo Releases Debut Full Length

Taxi Taxi! Still Standing At Your Back DoorEfterklang’s label Rumraket have announced the Scandinavian release today of “Still Standing at Your Back Door“, first full length of Taxi Taxi! This Swedish duo composed of 19-yr-old twin sisters Miriam and Johanna had already enchanted us back in 2007 with an untitled EP on Rumraket (and Talitres in France).

Fierce Panda will take care of the release for the rest of Europe on October 12th.

Download “More Childish Than In a Long Time” (MP3), 2nd track of the album.

Weekly Indie News: Lisa Germano, Le Loup, Noah And The Whale, Volcano Choir

Lisa Germano "Magic Neighbor" / Rachel Grimes "Book Of Leaves" / Islands "Vapours" / Le Loup "Family" / Noah & The Whale "First Days Of Spring" / The Twilight Sad "Forget The Night Ahead" / Volcano Choir "Unmpa" / Why? "Eskimo Snow"

Pretty exciting week ahead, with a bunch of new releases out:

LISA GERMANO – “Magic Neighbor“, new album on Young God Records. Listen to “Snow” (MP3).

RACHEL GRIMES – “Book Of Leaves” (Karate Body / Ruminance). First piano solo album from one of The Rachel’s core members. More info and MP3 here.

ISLANDS – “Vapours” (Anti). The Canadians seem to have lost most of what once made them interesting. You may still listen to “Vapours” on their MySpace to prove me wrong.

LE LOUP – “Family” (Hardly Art / Talitres). Much expected follow-up to their 2007 magical debut LP. Listen to “Beach Town” (MP3).

NOAH AND THE WHALE – “First Days Of Spring“. Sophomore album and accompanying film are coming out this week in France (already out in the UK; 2 more weeks to wait for the US release). See the trailer below.

THE TWILIGHT SAD – “Forget The Night Ahead” (Fat Cat).

VOLCANO CHOIR – “Unmap” (Jagjaguwar). Intriguing debut of Bon-Iver-mastermind Justin Vermont’s more experimental band. Listen to “Island, IS” (MP3).

WHY? – “Eskimo Snow” (Anticon).

The Sweet Lambs Of Le Loup

We all love cute furry animals, from sweet lambs to grizzly or panda bears. Today for a change, we are inviting Le Loup into the sheep fold.

Let’s take advantage of their lovely pastoral debut video “Planes Like Vultures” to introduce you to this collective of 8 musicians. Since 2006 when they formed in Washington, DC, Le Loup quickly proved to be a master at weavering a delicate and enthralling folk, nurrished with slightly psychedelic, repetitive rythms, aerial voices, keyboards and banjo, not to omit a few guitar surges.

Make sure not to miss their debut LP, “The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations’ Millennium General Assembly“, out on Sub Pop subsidiary Hardly Art, and on the worth-following Bordeaux-based label Talitres for France.

As a tasty starter to convince you, please download “We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!” from Hardly Art!